Sorry, no cartoon today. And I guess I'm a little late with my rant.
But it bugs me, that Apple ensures an iPhone monopoly in every nation by letting just one provider sell it.
And the provider can charge ridiculous prices for the plans.

E.g. here in Germany you can normally get every phone with every provider. That ensures competition.
But not with the iPhone. You have to buy it with the T-Mobile plan, which charges you at least 49 Euro for unlimited data. And T-Mobile cripples the bandwith to 64kBit download / 16kBit upload after 300MB of downloaded data . Why do I need 3G when it's crippled to ISDN pace?

Thank you Apple for bringing us the monopoly back!

(I have to confess: The iPhone is great and I want one too.)

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The Podnoses - Episode 24 - The Old And The New Distribution Model


Nicholas Carr is - as always - sarcastic about the new model of content distribution. He writes about some thoughts from Ray Kurzweil.

Ray Kurzweil:

"The means of creativity have now been democratized. For example, anyone with an inexpensive high-definition video camera and a personal computer can create a high-quality, full-length motion picture."

Nicholas Carr:

"Yep. Just as the invention of the pencil made it possible for anyone to write a high-quality novel. And just as that power saw down in my cellar makes it possible for me to build a high-quality chest of drawers."

Nicholas, you're right. A pencil does not make a novelist. But there may be quite a few really good novelists out there. And now they have a good chance to get read.
In the new model you have just to be good to be heard.
In the old model you had to be lucky and/or to know the right person.

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The Current Commentary From The Podnoses: EFF, AdSense And Free Speech


Donna Bogation posts about EFF supporting AdSense because of free speech:

"In supporting Google in a “trademark use” doctrine case, EFF defends the purchase of Google AdWords as a “constitutionally protected activity.” EFF portrays Google as a technological advancer of free speech, while putting forth the right to purchase AdWords as a fundamental requirement if free speech on the Internet is to flourish."

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