Simple Reality


Microsoft tried to change Wikipedia page by asking a blogger (see Techcrunch).

But not only Microsoft is sometimes annoyed about the unwritten rules of Wikipedia (see Donna Bogatin).

"Michael Arrington has publicly admitted fears of intimidation by Wikipedians has dissuaded him from attempting to correct errors in Wikipedia’s TechCrunch entry:


'While wikipedia appears to be open to all, I’ve seen numerous examples of changes getting immediately deleted for what appears to be political reasons rather than the pursuit of pure knowledge. And I’ve also seen people be attacked for making changes that appear to be factual and correct.

    The TechCrunch listing on wikipedia has a number of errors. But there is no way in hell I’d ever think about fixing those errors. The wikipedia community has completely intimidated me to the point where making a change to that site is unthinkable.'



But why has only Wikipedia the right to set the rules?
In a lot of countries you have the right to publish an account from an opposing point of view at the same place the original article was published. Shouldn't Wikipedia also adhere to these basic rules?