The Podnoses - Episode 24 - The Old And The New Distribution Model


Nicholas Carr is - as always - sarcastic about the new model of content distribution. He writes about some thoughts from Ray Kurzweil.

Ray Kurzweil:

"The means of creativity have now been democratized. For example,
anyone with an inexpensive high-definition video camera and a personal
computer can create a high-quality, full-length motion picture."

Nicholas Carr:

"Yep. Just as the invention of the pencil made it possible for anyone to
write a high-quality novel. And just as that power saw down in my
cellar makes it possible for me to build a high-quality chest of

Nicholas, you're right. A pencil does not make a novelist. But there may be quite a few really good novelists out there. And now they have a good chance to get read.
In the new model you have just to be good to be heard.
In the old model you had to be lucky and/or to know the right person.