Geek&Poke Officially Announces That It Has Never Used The Word "Smartbook" Nor Will Ever Use The Word "Smartbook" As It Respects The Rights Of The Company "Smartbook" To Use The Word "Smartbook" Exclusively For Their Great Product "Smartbook"

Having just read TechCrunchs insane post about the great German company Smartbook (and this post) we totally disagree with TechCrunch and respect the right of the company "Smartbook" to use the words they have trademarked exclusively (esp.: "Smartbook").

So please: Don't post the word "Smartbook" on your blog, don't tweet the word "Smartbook" (nor #smartbook) and don't use the word "Smartbook" on any social site or your comments (unless you praise this great company named "Smartbook").

We're proud of being German, the land of such smart companies.